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Black Crepe Pan with Spatula and Spreader  (11-in.)
by  Staub
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This pre-seasoned, cast-iron pan is a traditional design for making light, airy crepes that release with ease. The 11-inch surface distributes heat evenly, is suitable for any cooktop surface, and it features a slight lip edge to keep batter intact. A wooden handle stays cool while cooking and included spatula and spreader make this the perfect crepe making kit. Whether serving as savory or sweet, your crepe dishes will turn out perfectly.

From the Alsace region of France comes this incredibly striking yet resilient cookware by Staub. Made of cast iron and finished in rich shades of enameled ceramic, it originated with the round and oval Dutch oven, and has evolved into a complete line of cookware used by top chefs around the globe. Unique to Staub pots are the self-basting spikes, small peaks jutting from the lid underside that continuously redistribute juices as they collect during the cooking process. In addition, each piece is created in a unique sand mold and made of the finest raw materials available, fired repeatedly to last over generations of cooks. It won't discolor, warp or produce hotspots and never requires seasoning. The even heat distribution and lasting heat retention are what make it so desirable, and what produces the most intense flavor and tenderness in every meal. Suitable for any cooking surface as well as being ovensafe, each piece comes with a limited product warranty.

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Product Characteristics
just what I wanted
  Would purchase again
by william (Santa Cruz, CA)  6/28/2008
I was seeking (for a few years now) a beautiful, functional crepe pan which would inspire me to make crepes frequently. I love this pan and have already made six batches of crepes since I got it about one month ago. It is a bit heavy, but I don't mind. I love how it doesn't have any of the toxic chemicals they put onto 'nonstick' pans, yet the enameled cast iron is naturally resistant to sticking. This pan seems very well made--I don't want to sound overoptimistic, but it looks to me like it could last a lifetime if well cared for. It is made in France.

There is a little bit of a learning curve. It took me quite a few crepes before I could figure out how to flip them without tearing them. But I got it, and now it's no trouble!
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best crepe pan ever
  Would purchase again
by Sigrid (Willits, CA)  2/3/2008
was looking for such a long time for the right crepe pan..thi9s is it, flipping and all, its so easily done, had to practise first, but now big success with everybody watching me doing my crepes..as a European with a total love for French cooking, this makes me happy..memory and all and crepe pan from Alsaze...thank you
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