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Pro Adjust-A-Cup 
by  KitchenArt
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Requested by several of our guests, we're happy to add this item to our list of handy cook's tools. The Adjust-a-Cup Measuring Cup is perfect for messy ingredients like shortening, peanut butter, honey, or heavy syrups, but you can use it with equally pleasing results with both wet and dry ingredients like milk and flour. There are several ways to use this tool. First, use it to measure a single item such as peanut butter: simply lift the outer, clear plastic sleeve until you see the desired measurement, fill, then (using the interior, aluminum canister as a plunger) push the ingredient out as you hold onto the plastic outer sleeve. You can also use it to measure several ingredients at once: after filling with your first ingredient, move the sleeve up to the desired measurement of your second ingredient, fill, then continue until all ingredients are inside. Then push them out into your bowl.

The Adjust-a-Cup Pro replaces 6 conventional measuring cups. This smart tool measures in pints, cups, ounces, and milliliters. It's sleeve easily slides and seals for liquid and dry ingredients. It is great for sticky ingredients like shortening, honey, or peanut butter. It is made from durable metal and polymer for a long life and it is dishwasher safe. Large 1 Cup Capacity!

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Product Characteristics
The perfect measure for sticky items
  Would purchase again
by Joy (KALAMA, WA)  4/11/2014
Love these adjustable measures. They are perfect for measuring sticky products such as shortening and honey. They wash easily in the dishwasher.
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Takes measuring ingredients to a new level!
  Would purchase again
by Phyllis (MESA, AZ)  3/10/2014
My husband saw this wonderful gadget on one of the cooking shows and told me about it. I searched and found it on Cooking.com. We do a lot of baking and cooking from scratch and this item makes measuring messy ingredients a snap.
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Great for measuring the creaming things
  Would purchase again
by Victoria (EL DORADO HILLS, CA)  2/21/2014
I have always hated trying to get the right amount of sour cream, peanut butter, etc... out of a typical measuring cup... This makes it so easy to do!!!
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