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Frying Pan  (11-in.)
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Unique Silvinox surface treatment- better resistance against detergents, perfect in dishwasher. Will not tarnish or oxidize.

Demeyere is located in Herentals near Antwerp in the heart of Belgium and founded in 1908. Demeyere has specialized in the production of high quality, state of the art, top-end stainless steel cookware in a wide variety of products and range. The only producer to make cookware specifically to suit different cooking methods, each technological requirement is quite different for boiling, frying, stirring and slow cooking. Therefore, the construction of each type needs to have a different technology application. .

7 layers of stainless steel with a copper core are hermetically sealed into the complete vessel body. The technology is unsurpassed in providing even heat diffusion and structural integrity. Ideal for induction stoves, Demeyere cookware is completely oven safe and can be used with gas, electric, ceramic or halogen stovetops.

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