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Kenya Whole Bean Coffee  (2-lb.)
Bold by  Starbucks Coffee
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Kenya has a wonderful fruity flavor, sometimes tasting like black currants or blackberries, and is elegantly medium bodied. The acidity is crisp and clean, sometimes imparting a tart grapefruit note.

Kenya has a strong identity, and no coffee is truly similar. However, it is worthwhile to compare it to Ethiopian Sidamo. Look for the telltale African acidity and fruitiness in each coffee.

Unlike most origin countries, Kenya has a formal coffee marketing organization that cup tests every lot of coffee before it is sold. Each lot of coffee is cupped and graded, then sold at auction. Starbucks does not buy coffee at the auction; rather, their vendors buy coffees they think Starbucks will like and sends them offer samples. Starbucks buys coffee primarily on how it tastes, which is why they don't specify Kenya grades such as "AA" or "A". These grades refer solely to bean size.

Finding and purchasing the best green beans in the world is the first step that differentiates Starbucks Coffee from the rest of the coffee industry. Starbucks is well-known for its exceptionally high quality coffees, care in selection, and expertise in roast. Each coffee is selected for the defining qualities that distinguish its origin. This careful selection process illustrates Starbucks passion for buying and roasting the world's best coffee.
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excellent but expensive coffee
  Would purchase again
by pierre (PINE CITY, NY)  6/17/2013
The best coffee I ever had. I had Kenya from other vendors but they were not as good. I only wish it were cheaper. At That price I have it only on Sunday. But what a Sunday.
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  Would purchase again
by Michael (CLAREMONT, NH)  7/11/2005
This is by far the best coffee that I have had. I'm hooked.
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