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Microwave Bacon/Meat Grill  (10.5-in.)
Microwave by  Nordic Ware
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Nordic Ware's Bacon/Meat Grill is a healthy alternative to grilling on top of the stove. Instead of allowing your bacon or sausage to sit in grease as they cook, this grill has a raised cooking area so fats and oils drain away from the meats as they cook. A pouring lip allows you to easily drain away the excess fat. The grill has a round shape that rotates in the microwave, and a reversible, flat side that can be used for baking or defrosting other foods.

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  Would purchase again
by Patricia (SAINT LOUIS, MO)  11/28/2014
It took awhile, but finally found a grill to crisp bacon in the microwave. Had one for years (different brand) that was so cracked and aged, no choice but to finally throw it away! But replacing it became a project. This works great and is suitable for bacon PLUS can be flipped for frozen microwave pizzas.
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  Would purchase again
by Bonnie (NEW HYDE PARK, NY)  6/2/2014
The tray fits perfectly into my small microwave. It works perfectly and made wonderful crispy bacon with minimal cleanup. The round shape is great.i recommend this microwave bacon grill.
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Microwave Bacon/Meat Grill Too Small
  Would not purchase again
by Richard (Rockville, MD)  4/10/2014
While the size of this grill is adequate for most pieces of meat, the grill is far too small to cook more than about five slices of bacon at a time, and actually took about 6 minutes to adequately cook five slices in an 1100W microwave on full power - enough for perhaps one-and-one-half people. If you're only cooking for one it's ok, but not for more than one person, assuming you want everything to be ready at the same time. The product is also too shallow to safely contain the grease created by just a few slices of bacon, particularly if it's thick cut. The product also gets very hot, and has no handles to allow picking it up without getting your fingers burned or sloshing hot bacon grease on your fingers and hands. I purchased another product, the Bacon Wave, which grills the bacon in a vertical position, has a deeper tray to contain the grease, has small handles which allow it to be picked up without burning your fingers, and which allows me to cook up to about ten slices of either regular or thick cut bacon at one time. It sells for a little less than twice the price of this product, but is well worth the extra cost.
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