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Nonstick Everyday Pan with Glass Lid  (10-in.)
by  Calphalon
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The 10-in. Everyday Pan is an all-purpose pan. Use it for searing, browning and sautéing vegetables and meats as well as making the classic Spanish dish Paella. The two loop handles make for easier lifting, and the domed glass lid prevents the moisture from escaping and allows heat to easily circulate. Backed by a lifetime warranty, Calphalon's Commercial Nonstick Cookware is made to professional standards, offering the home chef unsurpassed cooking performance, superior construction and lasting durability. What sets it apart from other Calphalon lines is the LRS3 (Lifetime Release System), a multi-layer nonstick material that's internally reinforced for effortless release and easy cleaning. Oven safe to 450 degrees F, the Commercial Nonstick line also features a durable and attractive glass lid that securely traps in juices as you cook. Each pan is made of a heavy-gauge aluminum, all-metal construction that provides superior cooking performance through even heat distribution.

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  Would purchase again
by Lorna (HAYDEN, ID)  8/3/2014
Pan is the perfect size. Well made. Finish great. Wish the handles did not heat, but everything else is perfect.
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  Would purchase again
by LeeAnn (RESEDA, CA)  6/27/2014
Great pan for everyday use. The only issue I found was that the lid is too high with the handle, and you can't flip it over to stack it for storage. I live in an apartment, and need to maximize space when storing pots and pans.
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Nonstick Everyday Pan with Lid (10-inch.)
  Would purchase again
by Jane (ALBANY, CA)  6/23/2014
The pan cooks everything beautifully without sticking. The handles stay cool enough to the touch. However, I was disappointed about the size of the cooking area: Although it is advertised as a 10-inch pan, the cooking area at the bottom is actually only 7 inches. The 10 inches is the measurement at the top of the pan. That was somewhat misleading. The price was reasonable. So it is true you get what you paid for: a small price for a small pan!
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