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Roto Slicer-Shredder Attachment 
by  KitchenAid
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Make your KitchenAid mixer even more useful! This versatile attachment makes short work of big jobs like preparing large quantities of potatoes for hash browns, shoestrings or scalloped potatoes. It's also perfect for more delicate tasks, like slicing cucumbers and radishes for salads. Includes housing, shaft and 4 chrome-plated steel cones: fine shredder, coarse shredder, thick slicer, thin slicer. Fits all KitchenAid mixers and attaches to the power hub.
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Salad maker for my mixer
  Would purchase again
by sharon (ABILENE, KS)  9/11/2014
You just can't beat this if you use a lot of fresh veg.
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shredder-slicer attachment
  Would purchase again
by Susan (LUBBOCK, TX)  8/7/2014
I have tried similar products and I never get the results I want this fits on my mixer and always gives a good consistant result
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Roto slicer-shredder attachment for Kitchen
  Would not purchase again
by JoEllen (Santa Cruz, CA)  12/28/2013
We purchased this item thinking it might replace our larger food processor that recently broke after 27 years. I made coleslaw. Well, I chose the larger of the two grater options. I guess I've discovered how KFC does it. It ground it so fine and the contents just stuck inside the grater instead of falling into the bowl That was remedied by the use of a spatula to "dig" it out. It really got impacted. Next, trying to "grate" an onion using the same attachment. Wrong part I guess. I realized how to "juice" the onion. Grating an carrot was even "more" difficult. I couldn't get enough leverage to push down from the top. After trying from standing on a chair, still didn't do it, my husband came to the rescue and was able to apply more force than I. We both came to the conclusion that a food Processor is a necessary appliance and have one on order. I will try the slicer blades on the next cabbage but don't think I'll use any of this for grating bread crumbs. The dry bread would possibly fly all over the place! Think Food Processor!!!!
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